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Moped Rodeo 2023 | With 50cc to the sea

Mar 01, 2023

Moped Rodeo 2023 | Mit 50ccm ans Meer


A feeling of freedom. It is November 19, 2001, my birthday and a day that is supposed to change everything. I set off early in the morning to get a piece of paper. It is official! I can drive my 50cc hell machine on public roads. Great! When I think back on it today, I realize again how little it takes to be free. I don't hesitate for long, buy an old Puch Maxi and go on a road trip that would have made my 16-year-old self simply nod respectfully.


The Moped Rodeo is a low budget rally with 2 restrictions: 2 wheels and 50cc. There has been a Balkan Edition since 2018, and in 2020 our carburetors did not inhale sea air but mountain air. We liked that and the new Moped Rodeo Austria was already an integral part of the rally repertoire. In 2022 we will change continents and venture on the most strenuous adventure in the history of the BackRoad Club. The Moped Rodeo Madagascar is born. This year, around 200 riders will set off on an exciting adventure together at the start of the Moped Rodeo Balkan near Lake Wörthersee in 2023.

The goal: get through it together!

The idea is that the pilots cover over 1000 km in 8 days and meet again and again at organized checkpoints. A real adventure without a service vehicle or broom cart. If a moped stops, you help each other to reach your common goal. The speed doesn't matter at 50cc anyway!

ROUTE 2023

The route at a glance

On the way to the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, we conquer breathtaking mountain passes and cruise along narrow roads past lakes and incredibly beautiful landscapes. Many motorcycles draw sea air into the carburettor for the first time here. The route takes us from nostalgic Velden via Slovenia and Croatia to Bosnia and back to Croatia on the Adriatic. Starting from this intermediate destination, the return journey via Slovenia to Carinthia begins. By the way, the Moped Rodeo takes place a week before European Bike Week. This means that the Töflis are the vanguard for the high-displacement Harleys & Co's. The mopeds are a real highlight here, because the mopeds drive hundreds of kilometers with a lot of sweat, sometimes unreasonable roads, wanderlust and a lot of love for their American colleagues, who are also there with a lot of heart, but don't have so much ambition to achieve the impossible close. An unexpected contrast that is accompanied by many congratulations from the astonished audience.

Key facts

  • 200 starters
  • 1 goal - get through it together
  • 2 wheels
  • 50cc
  • It's a rally, not a race!
  • 8 days
  • 4 countries
  • 1000 Balkan kilometers
  • Date September 3rd - 10th, 2023