About Barikit

- Foundation 1995 -

We can proudly say that BARIKIT is one of the leading manufacturers of 2-wheel engine components! 26 years of industry experience have made us experts in the manufacture and development of tuning parts for scooters and manual mopeds - whether for racing, everyday use, 2-stroke or 4-stroke. And not least because of you! Our aim is your customer satisfaction. And that means: full performance combined with the best quality!

BARIKIT manufactures high-quality pistons, connecting rods, robust crankshafts, cylinder/heads and reliable gaskets for you. The blanks are cast in our in-house BARIKIT foundry. We guarantee the high quality standards of our casting alloy. For production, we rely on the most modern CNC machining centers, which are available for finishing in an air-conditioned production facility. These and other measures enable us to supply you with first-class BARIKIT components. BARIKIT is distributed worldwide and from now on also directly from Germany!


In 2020 we dared to start with the BRK series as the BARIKIT racing brand.

Alongside pistons, competition components and exhaust systems, our BRK kits offer durability under extreme performance! Our brand new cylinder kits (BRK-4Race EQ-1031-S, EQ-1032-S, EQ-1033-S and EQ-1034-S) consist of 4-part outlets, three intake ports and four transfer ports. This enables a unique opening angle of almost 180°! In addition, the matching piston with the BARIKIT Blauzafir coating, which consists of layers of fluorine and ceramic microparticles, significantly reduces the coefficient of friction.

The kits are among others in your Aprilia RS50, RX50, Derby Senda, GPR Racing, Gilera RCR, SMT LC, Beta Enduro RR50, Supermoto RR50; Malaguti XSM and XTM50; Sherco HRD Enduro and Supermoto or the Yamaha TZR, DT 50 Supermoto and Thunderkid 50 applicable!

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