Crankshaft repair / overhaul

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Processing time of 4-5 weeks

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Product information: Pressing the crankshaft / assembling the connecting rod kit

We offer you the re-pressing of your crankshaft with optional installation of a new connecting rod kit (not included in the price). The crankshaft is completely assembled, precisely pressed and, if necessary, equipped with a new connecting rod kit so that it is complete and ready for use.

The single cylinder crankshaft is assembled and pressed using a high precision press. It is then carefully aligned and measured to ensure it is ready for use. Please note that this price only includes the assembly and pressing mentioned above. Any parts required such as bearings or connecting rods are not included and must be purchased separately.

Ordering process:

  1. Choose the "Crankshaft Repair" in our Barikit shop.
  2. Order the right connecting rod for your crankshaft.
  3. Print out the order confirmation and enclose it in the package.
  4. Send your roughly cleaned crankshaft to:
    BARIKIT Germany
    Friedhofstrasse 9
    D-78315 Radolfzell

Trust in our expertise and precision to professionally press your crankshaft and assemble it with a connecting rod kit. Thanks to our careful work, your engine will be optimally prepared for your use.